Simple SMS API for your Website and App

Do you have a website or App? Do you want to receive SMS notifications when somebody fill out the Contact Form or to send confirmation code to any phone number?
Imoontel offers global SMS Gateway service for your website. It is simple to use, you can set it up in just a few minutes.

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How this works

PHP example code

// ******************************** //
// - Api example  //
// ******************************** //

$login="*********";                      // Imootel User (Replace ********* for your user)
$password="*********";                   // Imoontel Password (Replace ********* for your password)
$prefix=trim($_POST['prefix']);          // Country Number Prefix (Ej: 1 for USA)
$number=trim($_POST['number']);          // Phone Number
$sender=trim($_POST['sender']);          // Sender Name
$msg=substr($_POST['message'], 0160);  // Message

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