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Privacy Policy

At Imoontel, we are respectful of your privacy and personal information. We are in compliance to the mandatory privacy policy relating to the internet. This page outlines our obligation to our clients.

Protection of Personal Information

Imoontel will not disclose to any third parties any personal information gathered from our clients regardless of services provided. Such private information includes but not limited to; name, contact information including email addresses and telephone numbers, IP address etc.

Security Of Personal Information

Immontel commits to protecting your information by the use of physical, technical, and administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration.

Immontel maintains secure servers with the latest technology, securities and constant updates to prevent illegal access to obtain your information.

When Immontel Obtaining your Personal Information

Immontel obtains your personal information solely for the purpose to provide a service. All information gathered is voluntarily disclosed by the client. The information stored includes basic user data which includes your user profile, data collected from registration and payment information such as credit card number, card holder's name, address and phone number etc.

Use of your Personal Information

All personal data are in compliance with the privacy policy as outlined. Immontel is authorized to use your information for the following:

a) For the purpose that it was offered

b) To be used as metrics for Immontel's performance to determine new marketing strategies

c) To target our services for value added features

d) To send communications regarding subscriptions, questions and concerns and news updates

Use of Cookies

The use of Cookies and IP addresses obtained by Immontel is solely for the purpose of maintaining our service according to our clients' preference such as browser navigation, operating system, ISP etc. The Cookies provide the content materials that are of interest to our clients.

Changes to Immontel's Privacy Policy

Immontel reserves the right to adjust, modify or eliminate any of the clauses in this policy at any given time without notice. It is the clients' responsibility to be up to date and informed of our changes.

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