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Terms and Conditions

Prior to utilizing any of Immontel's services, please carefully read our Terms & Conditions.

The general conditions are the expectations and rules set by Immontel related to all and future products and services. Such services can be offered at free of charge or for a fee and are subjected to the following conditions:

1. Client Acceptance

Immontel reserves the right to request all clients to accept and comply with the terms outlined in this document in order to use of any of our services.

2. Client Registration

All clients are required to register for the use of our products and services. All clients will be given a user name and password which will allow for personalize confidential and secured access to their personal account(s) to this website.

All clients will be responsible for the safe keeping of their personal user name and password. Notice must be given to Immontel immediately if their login has been compromised.

3. Notifications & Communications

Immontel is committed to inform our clients, answer questions and assist in resolving issues related to our products & services. In order to successfully achieve this, Immontel reserves the right to use alternative methods of communications such as emails, phone, social media etc. However, for the purpose of transferring personal information, we will only use the email address provided in the registration.

4. Site Performance

Immontel is committed to constantly maintain the services available at all times. However, due to unforeseeable events or circumstance, it is possible any of our services may be interrupted. In such a case, Immontel will work diligently to restore the services as soon as possible to allow our clients to enjoy our services again.

Immontel is committed to securely maintain back-ups of the database and files with the purpose of re-establishing services without the major loss of data that may jeopardize the functionality of our services.

5. Data Transmission

The client is responsible for the content of all transmitted messages and information provided to Immontel. The content should not be offensive or violates the rights of any third party. Immontel is not responsible or liable to any content transmitted that is deemed offensive.

Immontel forbids the following:

* Any pornographic, homosexual, infidelity, slander, indecency, cruel, obscenity, copyright infringement, frauds, acts of terrorism, spam, racist, religious, glorification of violence, hatred, political, distasteful messages that could lead to legal actions

* Violates the security measures set to prevent the illegal access to Immontel's services

* Falsified information that can harm Immontel or its clients

* Disregard of the intellectual, private or material rights of Immontel's property

* Use of robots or any electronic means to access Immontel's services

* Copy, modify or distribute any content that legally belongs to Immontel

5. Refund Policy

Immontel offers telecommunication services that require a fee. The fees made will be credited to the client's account. The cost of using Immontel's products and services will be extracted from the client's credit balance at no additional cost. All balances will not have an expiry date.

Immontel incurs the upfront operational cost to provide services to our clients. We reserve the right to review each case independently to determine if a refund is necessary.

Immontel will consider several factors prior to providing a refund such as the use of impartial or total balance, the clients’ inability to utilize Immontel's services due to technical limitations and circumstances outside of the client's control.

6. Cancellation of Services

Immontel has the discretion to deactivate and / or suspend all accounts temporarily or permanently without prior notice or explanation. If an account is terminated, all information collected related to the account will be eliminated.

Each client reserves the right to cancel their account and services offered by Immontel at any given time.

7. Changes in Terms & Conditions

Immontel reserves the right to adjust, modify and update the general terms and conditions. Please periodically review this page to be kept up to date of our terms and conditions.

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